de vliere business apartment ****

Nathalie Verhasselt

Welcome in de vliere!

The long facade farmstead where you are (or will be) staying, was built in 1870 as the "Scheltjenseindehoeve". It was a typical longhouse farm with on its right side a private residence, and on its left side an animals shed. From this farm the surrounding fields and meadows were cultivated. In the 20s a devastating fire put the entire homestead in ashes. A project developer got ownership of the farm and rebuilt "de vliere" on its current core structures.

When land cultivations came to an end in the 80s, a brasserie was built in "de vliere". It attracted many people with its colorful garden and popular outdoor activities such as barbecue.

In the 90s the brasserie started somewhat to decline. New owners converted the brasserie into a centre for alternative therapy and named it, for the first time, "de vliere". In 2009 we acquired the farmstead. We decided to convert the former brasserie or therapeutic centre into a business apartment, which we did in 2012-2013. Ever since then we welcome our guests from all over world.

So "de vliere" is, again, a place where people can meet. We hope that everyone who wants to discover the region, for recreational, professional or other reason (s), will find an excellent home base in this apartment.

We wish you a pleasant stay and will make every effort to contribute to this.

Els & Gert, Rune, Wannes, Lars & Hanne