de vliere business apartment ****



When the sensor in the entrance hall detects movement, the hall will be illuminated for a short period of time.

The ceiling lights can be dimmed, by pressing and/or pressing and holding the upper and lower buttons. Pushing the middle button triggers a 50% lumination.

On the window/door towards the terrace you’ll find a display with the measurement of water, electricity and gas consumptions.

The lights on the exterior of the apartment cannot be operated.


The climate in the business apartment is centrally managed.
day: 20°C
evening: 21°C
night: 15°C

Near the kitchen table you will find a small control device, mounted to the wall. Use the wheel to temporarily increase / decrease the temperature.

There is no need to finetune the climate via the thermostatic radiator valves on every device. The radiator in the bedroom is off by default.


The studio is permanently ventilated.

Use of the bathroom will trigger an extra ventilation, to prevent condensation. We recommend that you switch off and on the lights when taking a shower, so that the ventilation boost is (re) activated.

Ventilation boosts can only be stopped by turning off the lights in the bathroom.


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+32 468 131542 (els)


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