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Robin Moreels

Welcome in de vliere!

Dear Robin Moreels,

Your stay at business apartment 'de vliere' is just days away and we're ready for your arrival!
We're looking forward to meeting you on 2021-06-17 from 4 p.m. on our address: ossevenstraat 3, 2340 beerse. Can you let us know when you expect to arrive?

Personal access code 870979

The business apartment is situated on the left of the period property, across from de Innerlijke Bron (at the left from our private parking lot - just around the corner). This access code is only activated during your stay at the business apartment. Use the keypad in the door handle and press + 870979 + . After the prompt tone you have 15 seconds to open the door by turning or twisting the handle (to the right). Thanks for using the same procedure to safely lock the property when you leave.

Stay and checkout

If there is anything you need to know (shops, foods, manuals, ...) please use the menus above ("Amenities" and "Robin") via your private link to our internal website.
Checkout must be done before 11 a.m. Of course you don't need to do the final cleaning as this is included in the price. But may we kindly ask you to tidy up the kitchen (and start the dishwasher) before you leave?

We want to help you at our best, so if there is anything you need, please just ask.
   gert: +32 468 252672
   els: +32 468 131542

Stay well, and have a safe trip to Beerse,

kind regards,
Els & Gert
owners business apartment de vliere


+32 468 252672 (gert)

+32 468 131542 (els)


info -at-


ossevenstraat 3, 2340 beerse